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TLS | Compliance & TTM Smart Cards

Recently, TLS have been advising all of our partners to ensure that the correct proofs from your TM course are uploaded onto Fastlane. With the new Lantra Smart Card Scheme now in use, here are a few pointer's that may just give you some idea about how it works and what you need to do.

  • When you book a course; ensure that a smart card is included.
  • On the day of the course, ensure you receive your sign off sheet.
  • Upload a copy of your sign off sheet onto your Fastlane profile. Alternatively, email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the compliance department to update it for you.
  • You will receive a smart card from Lantra shortly thereafter.
  • The information on the card needs to be read, TTM Smart Cards can be read using Android and Windows smart phones and tablet devices that have near field communications (NFC) capability or card readers linked to a computer or laptop.
  • To use smartphones or tablet devices, download the Go Smart app from the Google Play Store for android devices or the Windows app store for Windows devices. Note: This App reads all CSCS Smart Cards including TTM Smart Cards. Once installed place a TTM Smart Card on the back of the device near the top (the general location of the NFC reader, though some models may differ) to view the information on the screen. Ensure that NFC (near field communication) is turned on by checking your devices settings.
  • When Lantra issue a TM CSCS Smartcard, the card will have its own 5 year expiry date separate from the skills registered on it. This is because the Smartcard is used as a means to identify operatives on site and must be a means to accurately identify the card holder.
  • The CSCS for TM work runs with the expiry date of your TM qualification.
  • The Smart Card information will need to go on your Fastlane account before your sign off sheet expires.
  • If you don't receive the Smart Card in time, you need to contact your training provider or Lantra. Lantra can issue you with proof of your qualification; a copy of this proof can be uploaded onto Fastlane until your card arrives.
  • If you successfully complete a TTMBC, 12AB-1DAY, 12D-1DAY course, you will still receive a certificate with a Smart Card.
  • Any qualifications above TTMBC, 12AB-1DAY, 12D-1DAY, will only show on your smart card.
  • Make sure you always carry your smart card and certificates when working on TM sites.

Note: it is very important that we receive all the correct information regarding qualifications, TLS and our clients will not put any partner out to work or on a site without this information.

For more information, please view Lantra's Appendix B: Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Smart Card User Guide.

Alternatively, please read Lantra's TM CSCS Smartcards Scheme Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: this information was received 23/02/2018 from Lantra, this could change with the card still in its infancy.

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