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Fastlane timesheets must be completed and submitted no later than 6am on a Monday morning.

The deadline for submitting your invoice for payment is 12pm noon on a Monday.

In order too set yourself up as a limited company, you will need to send TLS the following information:

  • Proof of company
  • Registration certificate
  • Valid liability insurance; cover must be a minimum of 5 million pounds
  • Request a Wage form, fill out and return to TLS (this will detail your company and have your bank details on)
The above information is required before any payment can be made.

There are two main individuals to contact. For wage/payroll enquiries, please call either:

This needs to be changed on FastLane, then you must inform payroll if this is a change that will relate to your wages. i.e bank details/company details.

Contact Beth or Lisa in the payroll department. They will discuss the options with you and assist you with your request.

Yes there is! Tony2Screenshot

It can be downloaded on both IOS and Android Devices. With it you’ll have access to your account wherever you are, with the power to make on the spot changes to your time-sheets, make requests for work in the areas you choose, and keep track of your licence’s expiry dates.

You can even book your holiday time!

You can find the app below, or search TLS Fastlane in your device’s App Store:

IOS – Fastlane App

Android – Fastlane App

All individuals who work with us are required to continually update their FastLane accounts because it not only makes them compliant with us, but also to our clients and adheres to our mission statement. If in the event of a licence expiry, it is pivotal that it is renewed to ensure full compliance.

This is also the same for ticking off your polices and medical history sections.

All individuals who work with us are required to have a CSCS card because it not only makes them compliant with us, but also to our clients.

If you are one of our contractors in need of applying for the card, the card you are looking for is the CSCS Highways Specialist Card. To apply for the card, you must firstly take the CSCS Highways Test.

    Any worker who will be doing construction work on a large or busy road must take the Highways CSCS Test. The Highways CSCS Test is designed to test the applicant on their knowledge of health and safety issues relating to specific hazards in this environment.

    A Highways CSCS Test can be booked in a few easy steps. Simply book your Highways CSCS Test online through CITB; the link is provided below:

When booking your CSCS Test with CITB, you can get all of the CSCS revision material you require from the link provided below:

In total the Highways CSCS Test will take 45 minutes. The answers to the Highways CSCS Test are answered via a touch screen on a computer. All of the questions in your Highways CSCS Test are multiple choice.

Click here to visit the TLS Training Centre's webpage. Scroll down to "Upcoming Courses List" to view upcoming courses. Alternatively, click on your preferred course at the top of the webpage.

  • In order to book the course, click on "Book Now (Individual)". If you are planning to book a course with a group, click on "Book Now (Group)". Alternatively, you may want to click on the course title to view more information about the course.
  • Enter the mandatory personal information.
  • Choose your payment and method and input relevant details. Then select "Process Registration".
  • You will then receive a confirmation email.

    Hand-E-Pix is an application we get the operatives to use on site currently. Click here to view the troubleshooting/help guide.

    Click here to open a copy of the Health & Safety booklet and click here to open a copy of our Driver Training booklet.

    Click here to view the instructions of how to replace the outgoing Dorset Creative Creative App with the new Triangle Software FastLane App.

    FastLane Access