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For the most comprehensive managed support service... look no further.

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Working In The Events Sector

TMGB is also heavily involved in planning and formulating solutions to the Events Sector. To date, it has enriched the service given to both the Olympic Games in 2012 and more recently the Tour de France in Yorkshire. Not only has the company worked alongside the event contractors it is now helping the event planners and organisers decide the best practice for future events locally and nationally.

Not Just A Traffic Management Company

TMGB is not just a traffic management company, along with help from its sister company Traffic Labour Supplies it becomes the most versatile tool any contractor needs to help deliver a dependable service to the end client. The partnership of both companies means that there is no other company capable of delivering a Managed Support Service that can meet any client’s requests.

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Managed Support

Over the last two years, TLS has strategically grown to help the increased demands on extra resources of experienced traffic management operatives. Over this two year period, the ultimate goal was to develop a service that could offer clients a diverse, one stop product other than just labour.

2015 saw the implementation of a new type of service to help all the clients that TLS have assisted to expand and develop in their traffic management needs. TLS is now promoting a Managed Support Service. During this two year period, the ultimate goal was to develop a service that could offer clients a diverse, one stop product other than just labour.

A dedicated Traffic Management Support Service will see TLS hit new heights and put its head above the crowd in the competitive world of labour supply. Any client working with us now will benefit from a Managed Support Service that is second to none.

TMGB in Detail

TMGB is now the support company for TLS to carry out any of our clients request for extra resources. We have had many people speculate over the introduction of this service.

The simplicity is that TMGB is a fully functional 12AB & D accredited company. The managers in both companies have a massive knowledge of carrying out traffic schemes from small urban sites to major Motorway Maintenance across the country. TLS have been asked on so many occasions if we can supply a vehicle or a variety of signs, but consciously declined as we never had the recourse to manage the requests. Now we do and we are able to tackle any request from our clients. Whether it be a simple one off CAD drawing or a partnership on a Major Motorway scheme we can deliver.

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