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Back in 2009 Aone+, our sister company was awarded two additional areas, Area 7 and Area 12 under the MAC contract making a total of 33% of the UK's network to manage.

Covering Area 7 that compromises of 79km of Motorway and 428km of trunk roads in Nottingham, Leicester and the midlands area, the biggest area coverage in the UK. Along with this, Area 12 covering Leeds and North Yorkshire. We had two ongoing contracts that were extended making up the 33%, Area 10 covering Widnes and Manchester and Area 14 covering Newcastle and Northumberland.

This was the first time that the Highways' Agency had awarded this amount of network to one company. This was a mammoth task to mobilise the additional area's on the short space of time given. However, none of this would have been possible without the help and support from Traffic Labour Supplies. Area 7 has been the most demanding since dealing with the most severe winters seen for 31 years and sucessfully a year of planned works in 9 months.

Traffic Labour Supplies have supported Colas topping up our crews with high quality Lantra qualified Traffic Management operatives in all areas.These range from trainee operatives up to Traffic Safety Officers and with your newly developed training centre I've seen an even higher qulaity of trained operatives delivered.

Thankyou for your ongoing support and we look forward to working with Traffic Labour Supplies for many years to come.

Neill J   
Colas Contracts Manager

Thank you for your support last week on the Thomas bow resurfacing works and a big thanks to Ryan and Brad who did a fantastic job. I have had very good feedback from my on-site supervisor about Ryan and Brad, so can you give them a big well done from me please. When we require your services again Ryan and Brad will be the first on the list if available.

Thanks again for your support.


     Craig W
Trust Utility Management Traffic Management Manager

On Wednesday night our health and safety manager Andy Miller arrived on the surfacing site to carry out an audit.

Upon arriving he was met by your operative Conray Bell.

We have had excellent feedback from Andy Miller regarding Conray on how polite and well-presented  as well as helpful he was, not only to our staff but to members of the public.

Also, Charley has fit really well into the surfacing crew with good feedback.

I would like to keep the two individuals on our surfacing schemes moving forward as they both seem willing and professional.


     James, B
CVU Traffic Management Operations Supervisor

I am just coming up to my first Twelve months in the TM Industry having started with TLS upon recommendation on the 1st February 2016. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the hard work shown by TLS in all aspects of job enrichment. I have found TLS to be totally professional from the very first day of contact and have no doubts that this will long continue. The one day high speed course was delivered answering all questions asked. I left with a qualification and had a good overall understanding of Industry. I was given all the information needed to keep myself and my colleagues safe and the confidence in starting within a new industry.

The next stage was working with the contracts team, who sourced and did everything possible to give me work where and when I wanted. I have to take my hat off to you as its not always easy to find work, but in my experience when embargoes were in place, I still had the option to work at other workplaces which was great when work is limited.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Lisa and Beth who have been there at every turn to ensure the wage structure has been paid fully on time and helped me with the understanding of the different pay systems to suit my needs.

Overall I have found everyone involved with TLS to be totally professional. I am convinced that TLS is by far the agency leading from the front and not resting on its laurels, but striving to better it's relationship with its partners and customers alike. Lastly, Paul I would like to say thank you to you for your honesty and hard work, you have always answered your phone or got back to me as soon as possible with a can do attitude and solved every issue I have for which I am truly grateful.

Simon P
TLS Partner

I have used the services of Traffic Labour Supplies for many years. I have found their service to be honest and efficient throughout this time.

To date TLS have given me a very competitive and efficient service. I have used them as my main supplier of skilled traffic management labour and had no reason to change this. TLS have helped our traffic management division to grow and in turn help me commit to major framework contracts that we would have had to refuse without their help.

I encourage a partnering philosophy when it comes down to working with my suppliers and TLS have been excellent with communication and transparency. I would not hesitate in recommending TLS to anyone who requires their service."

Craig Butterfield
Contracts Manager, Interserve Traffic Management Division

Obvious industry knowledge, demonstrated by instructor.

A well delivered 12D T7 Course. 

Ross Mitchell
Product Manager, Select TM

Myself and all the individuals were very impressed with the course they sat. I would in no doubt commend the TLS Training Centre for all their hard and thorough work."

Tom Trotter
Director, Access Traffic Management Division


The Heads of the Valley contract have now come to a close after 3 and a half years. The contract has encountered some testing times with last minute resourcing of labour through TM phase changes and last minute total closures, on times needing several opps at very short notice.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank the TLS staff for the ease in which we have all been able to work together in the supply of labour needed at A465 contract. Without this working relationship we have built up, I would not have been able to deliver many TM phase changes.

It wasn’t easy, but with your support and understanding of the Traffic Management industry, we achieved the required results. Your support on the A465 has not gone unnoticed.

Craig P
Carillion Traffic Management

I attended the course yesterday T1/T2 which was probably one of the best courses I have been on for a while, very informative and easy to understand.

Jim’s teaching skills are very good, the information and presentation was brilliant.

Lee B
Bridgebank Ltd Training Officer

Since i've joined this happy band of people, I have been treated with the utmost respect. 

Recently I have been in contact with Lisa in payroll. We had an issue with paperwork with a client. Lisa was ahead of the curve, she identified the challenge and delivered the solution with complete finesse. Lisa took hold of the situation and delivered the solution without drama. Can I ask you to say a special thank you for her efforts.

I would like to offer a special thank you to John and Beth, who helped me loads when I first joined, setting up Fastlane and the payment process, which has made life really simple.

The ops team are really friendly and do their best to help keep me working shifts, again a special thank you.

I really appreciate what a fantastic job everyone I have come into contact with at TLS does, I'm aware that this is what you get paid to do, however in my humble opinion you all do it with thoughtfull respect.

I always look forward to hearing from everyone.

Alan, M
TLS Partner

Thanks for providing the guy in Nottingham at such short notice, he’s brilliant and turned up on time with a very helpful attitude.

Dennis, S
Amberon Ltd Area Manager

"On a positive note, I would personally like to thank yourself & your team for the continued support & service you are supplying – Because of you guys we are able to supply more site on a daily basis which in turn is growing our business and also meaning more business for yourself."

Jonny W
Cobra Traffic

Fastlane is exactly what we have been looking for. The information and statistics given on the reports give us the ability to measure performance and set KPIs to uphold realistic SLA's with our client.

Sonia W
CMgr, MSc, MIRP Head of Customer & Candidate Services.

"This email is just to commend their work ethic, professionalism and dependability. I was extremely impressed with them, and none of them let me down once throughout the duration of the works. They all picked up the work quickly and adapted and coped very well with what I asked them to carry out. Their communication skills and attitude were second to none, and I wouldn’t hesitate in working with any of them again.

I would be please ask you to inform them of this formal appreciation, and would like to hear back from yourselves once this has been done."

Danny M
Member of our Operations and Technical Team