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About TLS - Traffic Labour Supplies

Aspiring to be the number 1 Traffic Management Labour Supplier in the UK.

Traffic Labour Supplies Ltd can supply a varied range of specialist labour to meet any traffic management requirements. Whether you require motorway maintenance workers or event management, we have the turn key solution to your planning of specialist labour.

At Traffic Labour Supplies Ltd, our company’s core values include honesty, to excel in gaining respect from our employees, teamwork and a commitment to building long term relationships with our customers. We strive to provide a reliable, affordable service that is second to none.

We look forward to building an excellent relationship with you.

TLS' Core Values

  • Commitment:

    Show full and better than average attitude in building bonds with the public, clients and employees
  • Endurance:

    Be in it for the long term
  • Finance:

    Strive for efficiency to maintain a profit to enable a greater performance
  • Customers:

    Committed to building long-term relationships
  • Employees:

    Being honest, open to all and to excel in gaining respect
  • Teamwork:

    Giving all the opportunity to make the working environment a better place

Value Proposition

"Leading Supplier"

TLS have been named by our competitors as the leading supplier of traffic management labour in the UK. The online system named FastLane, delivers a simple and efficient way to confirm the client’s requirements, in turn helping the client save time when planning resources. Using FastLane reduces the need for paper related communication and creates an environmentally friendly solution. FastLane has been developed for the client. It is user friendly and simple to use, no other system can match its superb delivery with such effortless use. This constructs a partnering atmosphere with clients that expect a better than average service. Using our bespoke service helps you to concentrate on winning business as we enhance your workforce which allows you to expand and grow.

Some Of Our Clients