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What We Offer


We supply a full range of services that can enhance any Traffic Management companies High speed division. TLS is the leading Managed support Company that can offer a turnkey solution from Planning and design to implementation and removal. We can provide training consultation and use our own labour to help with the vocational experience needed to become fully accredited 12A operative and Foreman. We have our own Impact Protection vehicles and drivers so any job can be carried out, be it 12B night closures or full 12A schemes.

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Our urban department has been developed to help all the Traffic Management companies cope with the high volume of men and vehicles that can be required for major shut downs and intense rolling programmes for surfacing. We have fully qualified staff to survey, plan, design and carry out any 12D scheme required by our client.

  • Road Closures
  • Lane Closures
  • 2, 3 & 4 way Traffic light set ups
  • Convoy working
  • Site surveying
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Due to our ever increasing database of clients we have been regularly asked to help in many major events. We have taken these requests and looked at our core business to duplicate its success. We have merged our procedures ans systems to deliver a fully managed service to the events industry. Traffic Management is a key role in any event, it’s the 1st and last thing anyone sees when entering or leaving an event. We have taken that role and offered our clients a service whereby we organise the logistics of setting up the venue and maintaining the day with our own fully trained staff from security to catering. Our events division has been able to work closely with many major sites to enhance their portfolio of events through the year.

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TLS has its very own internal Training Co-ordinator and is continually expanding its range of training facilities. This was structured to train individuals to enhance the core business needs. Due to the unrivalled reputation of the company we are able to provide specialist consultation on a full range of training to the traffic management industry.

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TLS has derived its income and success based on labour only supply. The core of this labour has been in the Traffic management industry and will continue to be. We have a database of over 1000 trained contractors that gives us the flexibility to supply local labour to most areas of the UK. This service has been aided by utilising our own training centre and we can manage the quality of staff that is being trained and sent to the client. We pride ourselves on being able to secure repeat business from developing secure trading relationships with all of our clients. Our labour only service can provide companies with the ability to grow and secure major schemes/events on top of their normal capabilities.

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Managed Support

TLS has now evolved into a fully functional Managed Support Company. Our key element has been labour supply, but due to the nature of the industry and the ability to provide experience, trained and competent managers our service has evolved into something our competitors have to benchmark to. We can take a project whether it be a traffic management scheme or a national event, and we can help plan, design, implement, maintain and remove, We have the labour force to manage a small village fete through to major national events like the 2012 Olympics. We can help you close a road for a 10 minute procession or change the lane direction of major arteries into places like Leeds for the Tour de France. We are a one stop shop for any traffic management and Event company that requires help to enhance their own portfolio. From 1 man and a van to fully equipped Impact protection Vehicles, we have a solution for any existing or prospective clients.

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