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With FastLane we've built a revolutionary platform for you to build your ideal workforce as and when it suits you.

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Create a unique partner profile and move into the Fastlane Keep up to date with the latest news and reviews from TLS.

Use the Fastlane mobile app* to update your timesheet and profiles on the go.

Manage your work schedule, let us know when you are available.

Maintain an up to date profile of your qualifications with notifications of expiry dates.

Book or request courses in order to enhance your career in traffic management.

Send messages to the office free of charge.

Update your profile so we can keep you informed of the latest jobs on offer.

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Create a unique customer profile and move into the Fastlane…

Remove the manual process of requesting labour/managed support, book online.

View timesheets as they are being created and authorise online.

Amend/review bookings and timesheets online.

View staff profiles including access to industry specific qualifications and licences.

View historical requests for labour/managed support.

Request preferred operatives for ongoing/repeat contracts.

Requests for labour/managed support can be booked in advance with confidence and ease.

Watch your confidence in TLS grow as we become your preferred service provider..

Book in advance with confidence.

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More About FastLane

  • Log into your account via
  • Click on Work Requests
  • Click on Create
  • Enter a Site name
  • Enter the Postcode for the job
  • Enter notes that TLS staff or other members of your team may need to read
  • Select the week start date for the shift
  • Select the skill you require and then the days or nights you want the contractor to work on
  • If you need another contractor, press the +1 icon to add another contractor to the shift
  • If you want to remove a contractor, click the trash can icon, then the ok button to remove it
  • Once you have added all the contractors you need, press “Submit shift”

If you need more skills at the same depot, update an existing shift instead of creating another one.

  • Login
  • Click on Work Requests
  • Click on Shifts
  • Find the week commencing
  • date for the shift you want to edit
  • Click on the shift

If you want to remove it, click Remove. This will remove the shift from the system. If there are contractors assigned to the shift, you will need to contact TLS to remove it.

  • Click on Edit shift
  • Modify the shift. NOTE that if any contractors are assigned, you will need to contact the office to modify or remove the skills
  • Select a reason why you modified the shift
  • Click on Update shift

Your shift will now be sent to the TLS office where the team can modify your shift.

  • Login
  • Click on Work Requests
  • Click on Shifts
  • Find the week commencing date for the shift you want to view the contractors on
  • Click on the shift
  • Click on the contractors name
  • You can now click on the individual icons to see the qualification, licences or click the Download button so you can save the files to your computer

To Download the files:

  • Click Download
  • Click on the save icon in the bottom right hand corner. (This will appear when you hover over that area)
  • Click save, choose the location and then click save again.
  • You can then click back, to get back to Fastlane.
    • Login
    • Click on Work Requests
    • Click on Shifts
    • Find the week commencing date for the shift you want to view
    • Click on the shift
    • You can now view the shift and see the details of the contractors assigned to the shift

    • Click Here to begin.
    • Enter ALL details
    • Fill in the section called “How did you hear about the system”
    • Enter the code displayed on screen
    • Click on Create and send. Fastlane will then send you an email with your username and password.


    The details will also be sent to a system admin to approve your profile.

    If you cannot log in straight away, it is because a TLS administrator has not approved your profile yet. If after a few minutes, you are still unable to log in, call the office – contact. DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER PROFILE !

    Once you can log in, you then need to complete all the sections of the profile before you can work. To do this:

    • Log in with the user ID and password contained within your email
    • Click on Profile
    • Click on My Profile
    • Click on Edit Profile
    • Make sure you fill in all of the details. Failure to do so may affect your ability to work!
    • If you are unsure of the payment method, call the office and ask for help
    • Read and accept all policy documents
    • Complete the medical history and make sure we have your doctor’s contact details
    • If there are any clients you do not want to work for, uncheck the client. IF you do uncheck any clients, you will not be assigned to any shifts that are for that client
    • Select the areas that you are willing to work in. If you do not want to work in a certain area, uncheck the tick box. If you are unsure where the areas are, click on the button named Map
    • Now you will need to add the qualification called the Right to work (Passport or Birth Certificate)
    • Click on Add qualification/licence button
    • Select the Right to work (Passport or Birth Certificate)
    • Select the identification
    • Upload an image of the ID Click save
    • Now back on the main profile page, Click on the button called Save
    • Your details will then be sent to a TLS admin to approve your details and your right to work (Passport or Birth Certificate).
    • Once this is done, you will need to add your qualifications.
    • Log in with the user ID and password
    • Click on Profile
    • Click on My Profile
    • Click on Edit Profile
    • Click on Add qualification/licence
    • Select your qualification
    • Upload an image
    • Click save

    Ladies and Gentlemen. Introducing: Fastlane.

    Fastlane is our purpose built web based software that makes all of our processes more efficient. The result has been the ability to focus on other areas of support to make sure that our successful reputation is not diluted when introducing any of the new services. Our clients now have the unrivalled advantages of ordering bespoke traffic management vehicles, training courses, on site assessments, drug and alcohol testing, equipment, CAD drawings and site supervision.

    We at TLS have taken the work ethic that has produced a successful labour supply and integrated new services to enable the company to secure fantastic ongoing relationships with key clients.

    Service has been adapted to fit around the supply of any traffic management service on an ad hoc basis. TLS are proud to promote the facilities of planning and design of any scheme right through to the implementation and completion of the same scheme if required. All the services needed to carry out this work is available to our clients individually, and tailored to specific requirements.

    In the last 12 months, we have headhunted and recruited experienced Traffic Management Managers to help with the current expansion. The foundation of this service has been set out in the last 12 months and piloted with a few key clients. These clients have been 100% satisfied with the ongoing commitment of a dedicated service meeting their requirements. The exciting thing for these clients has been the ability to react when their back is against the wall. TLS are known for successfully reacting to late requests and this success will now be merged into all the support services they are able to give to existing clients.

    Did you know that TLS has a smart phone app? Well we do!Tony2Screenshot

    It can be downloaded on both IOS and Android Devices. With it you’ll have access to your account wherever you are, with the power to make on the spot changes to your time-sheets, make requests for work in the areas you choose, and keep track of your licence’s expiry dates.

    You can even book your holiday time!

    You can find the app below, or search TLS Fastlane in your device’s App Store:

    IOS – Fastlane App

    Android – Fastlane App

    FastLane Access